Win Again! : Turn Athletic Excellence Into Business Success

Win Again! : Turn Athletic Excellence Into Business Success


Whether you were a professional or an amateur athlete, you always played your heart out. Throughout your time in your chosen sport, you believed you were doing what you were born to do.

Athletes, however, have brief careers, and most end their sporting lives in high school or college. For a dedicated few, there's the glory of the Olympics and professional sports, but even these careers end long before an athlete's working life is over. What do you do after you've donned your uniform for the last time?

Mark Moyer has the answer. An experienced career coach and executive recruiter, Moyer argues that the skills, the work ethic, and the competitive mind-set you cultivated as an athlete will serve you well in the corporate world.

Using Moyer's proven Win Again method, you'll discover how to define your ideal job and work toward it. You'll turn strangers into allies and grow your network as you position yourself for interviews, negotiate offers, and anticipate your prospective employer's needs.

Insightful and full of actionable steps, Win Again! helps you transition from the playing field to the boardroom. Yes, there's competition in the corporate world, but you're used to competing. You've already got an edge!

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Mark Moyer
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01 Nov 2017
Mark Moyer
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