Restructuring of the United States Army Civil Affairs

Restructuring of the United States Army Civil Affairs


The Civil Affairs (CA) structure the Army now knows should cease to exist. From this current structure, the best and brightest CA noncommissioned officers (NCOs) and officers should be extracted to fill the slots in the newly recommended structure. In the recommendation, there will be no reserve component (RC) CA units. CA NCOs and officers will be on the S, G, C, or J5 staffs. There will only be RC individual military augmentees (IMAs). Every maneuver company level unit in the Army will send two NCOs per platoon to a two, three or four week CA course in order to train combat arms maneuver soldiers to perform basic assessments. The first sergeant will also attend this course. The first sergeant will consolidate and verify these assessments and forward them to the CA officer at battalion. For these NCOs, this CA designator creates a future possibility should he ever wish to become a CA NCO on a battalion, brigade, division, corps, or theater staff. All of the CA positions at battalion and above are active component (AC), and permanently assigned to the maneuver units, with the exception of the CA specialists. CA specialists will be temporarily tasked to the maneuver units to perform a specific function. They may be RC or AC.

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