African Wisdom : 365 Days a Year

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African Wisdom: 365 Days A Year - contains African wisdom and knowledge dating back over 5,000 years to the early dawn of human civilization. There are many definitions for wisdom including "the teachings of the ancient sages." It is in the spirit of this definition (advice from the ancient sages) that we present this work. In this book, you will find hundreds of proverbs that span the entire written history of the African continent. These African Proverbs represent many ethnic groups, nations and various points-of-views. There is one proverb or valuable quote for each day of the year. African Proverbs will forever be a shining beacon of hope. One can not think of African Proverbs without acknowledging Africa's Divine Wisdom. Today, more than ever, the message of our ancestors needs to reverberate through our very being. We need to embrace the elders from our past and pass on their messages to the youth of our future. It is very important that we revert to the knowledge of our ancestors, as we face today's immense challenges. This knowledge and wisdom represents the teachings of our ancient and wise people. Wisdom was attained from centuries of observations and experiences and handed down to younger generations. African Proverbs and Quotes in this book focus on life, family, community, God, peace, the universe, love, work, leadership, success, friendship, elderly advice, education, knowledge, and responsibility. The authors strongly believe that if people are going to grow and develop to be great individuals, they must have access to the knowledge and wisdom of their ancestors.


Dr David Smith Jr, Wilfred Tarpeh Harris
Paperback | 160 pages
133 x 203 x 9mm | 172g
Publication date
10 Jul 2010
Publication City/Country
Scotts Valley, CA, United States
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black & white illustrations