The Journey or the Beginning

La description

A battered young man in the clutches of highly narcissist family since childhood, fighting for his life as well as freedom, begins his journey to save himself as the only and last option after his condition deteriorates to such a state when no homeopath could help him. Fortunately, having interest in homeopathy since childhood, he knows it’s the only science that can cure him.By Guru and/or God’s grace he finds a grand new theory that explains homeopathy to the core. A theory which explains every facet of homeopathy, gives solid scientific foundation to homeopathy for the very first time, accepts right things in homeopathy by proving them right, rejects the wrong ones by proving them wrong, as many things in homeopathy till now have had only question marks than answers. His theory answers every unanswered question about homeopathy and opens the gates for many new discoveries. Certainly, many new discoveries are in his book too. Even the till known things in homeopathy were not sufficient to cure him, placing all needs and seeds for the new discoveries.He also pens his autobiography as well as his love story in the latter part (7th, 8th and 9th chapters).The book is paced as a mystery movie or story wherein you involve your own mind in every scene to unearth the mystery underneath. The book structure even takes care of individuals not from homeopathy or scientific background, more so even novices, who want to understand the real homeopathy.The book also provides the clue to a major missing link to explore the universe further.


Varun Gupta, Adriana Henriques Cardoso
Paperback | 284 pages
152.4 x 228.6 x 18.03mm | 494.41g
Publication date
28 Feb 2014
Createspace Independent Pub