Is it fair to compare the lifestyle and choices of the current generation with that of the older generation? Should we seek specific, quantified results in our daily life or just aim to seek quality and happiness in all that we do? Can a blind practice, miscued as devotion, overrule discipline? Get insights into all these and more in this delightful account of Mohan Rao's journey of self-discovery and learning. Reflections is an inspiring tale of the evolution of an ordinary man. The book is a purposeful recollection of the various turning points in Rao's life and the people who left a lasting impression on him. Particularly interesting are Rao's travel tales across the world and his brush with bureaucracy. Replete with interesting anecdotes, everlasting memories and powerful words of wisdom, Reflections makes you pause and ponder over the wonder that is life. .".".quite reminiscent of the style and pace of the 'Malgudi Days.' Small incidents strung together without a plot into a nice story."" -Mohan Sundaram, Vice President- The Association of People with Disability. "Reflections by S Mohan Rao is a book which captures a life lived with integrity, with purpose and with caring. In effect, a life lived well. Through his journey, Mohan also records the learnings from his work and personal experiences. These are useful for many who traverse life's journey as they will also encounter similar challenges, opportunities and dilemmas. My favourite lines from Reflections are "Don't we meet God everywhere, all the time? In the face of an innocent child, in nature, and in our parents' benevolent nature, as they give everything to their loved ones with no expectations?" This positive attitude of looking for the best in our fellow humans and in our surroundings shines through in Mohan's Reflections"" -Ashok Soota - Executive Chairman -Happiest Minds Technologies.

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S Mohan Rao
Paperback | 228 pages
152 x 229 x 13mm | 340g
Publication date
08 Mar 2018
Notion Press, Inc.
Illustrations note
Illustrations, black and white