Stories for Change

Stories for Change


INSPIRING STORIES TO RECOVER THE VALUES OF THE CHILD IN YOU AND CAUSE CHANGE IN ADULT IN WHICH YOU HAVE BECOME Stories for putting your children to sleep but to wake adults up And what if we all really have a hero within, able to permit us to achieve any type of change? This book is dedicated to all those who believe in the power of change. There are 52+2 short stories, for children and for business. They will help you to think, feel and live, definetly, they will help you to change. These stories are recommended to help children in their learning processes, to enhance and develop their values, and, of course, for adults to enable an improvement in their personal and profesional development. Stories have always helped children to sleep. But in adults they produce the opposite effect. In adults, the stories provoke an awakening and a reflection on the values and ideas that we can apply in our lives or in our businesses. I've noticed that over time, from a certain age, almost nobody tells us stories. Stories are vital in our personal improvement processes and our business change management. I have always used stories, tales or anecdotes in conferences and training sessions that I have lead for years in companies, associations and organisations to awaken adults and to fix ideas on changing personal and business attitudes. I hope that, like me, each story makes you think and helps you enhance the most important values to apply in business and in life. I hope you will enjoy each of these stories and that each of them will serve you to make a change in your inner self. I hope that you will be able to retrieve the values of the child in you, regardless of what age you are. As I am transmitting these stories with this book, I wish you to share them by all the means you have at your fingertips! If you liked this help me share it. Share it, give it away. " The only thing that is impossible is something that you do not even try" RECOMMENDATIONS 1 Read a story each week, so you have a whole week to think about it and apply its teachings 2 Read them to yourself. Read them to your children, family and friends. Read them to your bosses, colleagues and professional contacts. Read them to everybody. 3 Read them slowly, several times if necessary, enjoying every moment and feeling yourself a part of them. 4 And when you have imagined, dreamed and felt each of the stories, try to change yourself and the world will change with you. "Everything is possible to the extent that you think it is possible"

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Jesus Manuel Gomez Perez
Paperback | 244 pages
140 x 216 x 13mm | 286g
Publication date
19 May 2016
Publication City/Country
New edition